How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?


Have you ever locked yourself out of the house? Or locked your keys in the car? Then there is a good chance you have had to call a master locksmith. As crucial as emergency locksmiths are at any time of day, they also provide a wide range of services in non-emergency situations. A skilled locksmith knows how to ensure your home or business is secure. 

What services do locksmiths offer? 

Regarding “how much is a locksmith?” that depends on the service you seek. Securing your home is an important part of keeping your family safe. 

Rekeying the locking system

Rekeying locks is a precise task. The locksmith rearranges the existing locks’ pins, rendering the key useless. You will be given new keys. It is cheaper to rekey without replacing the pins. However, a basic key replacement is cheaper than rekeying. 

Replacement locks

If you need the locks replaced, the cost will depend on the type of lock. The locksmith can change the locks and provide a replacement lock and new keys. Once you have changed the locks, you have a new secure locking system. 

Lock repair

If you have frozen locks latch issues or other problems with your door, a locksmith can determine whether you need to repair or replace the locks. 

Lock Unlocking

If you lock yourself out, it is a frustrating situation to be in, but a locksmith can help. The cost will depend entirely on the type of lock and how difficult it is to unlock. If you have a broken key, key cutting will alter the cost, such as drilling the locks, a lock change, or if they need to install locks. If you have keyless entry, that adds more complexity to the job. 

How much does a locksmith cost? 

So, how much does a locksmith cost? The cost of hiring a locksmith depends on your location and the type of work you require. We address how much a locksmith is in our price guide below. Our price guide is based on the average locksmith’s cost, so you can expect to pay somewhere in this range.

This locksmith cost guide is not exhaustive. It simply covers the average costs found in the area. There are additional factors that influence the cost of hiring a locksmith. For example, if you need residential locksmiths, you will pay less than someone with commercial work. The average commercial locksmith cost in Sydney for a lockout is around $139. 

An automotive callout ranges, on average, from $110 to $200. However, you will pay more for specialist locks, emergency callouts, or large jobs. If you are not in an emergency, your best bet is to seek a quote from reputable locksmiths in the area. Prices can type of lock vary depending on the type of job and the type of lock. 

Summing up

The locksmith price of the job should not be the decisive factor when you hire a locksmith. It might be tempting to choose automotive locksmiths based on their callout fees. However, you must enlist the services of a qualified locksmith who will do the job right the first time.

Whether you need an emergency callout or are planning some master key systems work, contact Gold Service Locksmiths. Whether you need help with sliding door locks, access control, bolt locks, or door closers, we can provide you with a quote and schedule the work.

Frequently asked questions 

How much is a locksmith? 

How much does a locksmith cost? That depends on the type of work you need. For example, the professional locksmiths’ cost to unlock a front house door will be considerably cheaper than the cost to unlock garage door locks in a commercial setting. 

The job’s complexity also determines how much the job will cost. Most trained locksmiths charge similar prices, so if someone has provided you with a quote far lower than everyone else, that is a red flag. It may be a sign that they are not a member of the Master Locksmith Association, which means they won’t work to Australian standards. 

That isn’t just a risk to your security, it can also invalidate your insurance policy. The cost is generally different for a mobile locksmith who attends to automotive needs. A car key replacement is one of the more costly jobs, especially if it is a transponder key.  Likewise, a commercial locksmith is also more costly due to the type of work they complete. 

Will I pay more for an emergency callout? 

Yes, if you need locksmiths in Australia during regular working hours, you will pay considerably less for work outside of business hours. The emergency callout fee is higher, though the labour cost generally remains the same despite the time of the day. In addition to a higher call-out fee, some locksmiths charge an additional trip fee. You can clarify that when you call with the issue. 

How do I find a reputable locksmith? 

If you have locksmith jobs, the first step to finding reputable local locksmiths, whether you are looking for locksmiths in Melbourne or Sydney, is to secure at least three quotes from local locksmiths. Several quotes will help you get to grips with the average price in the area. Be sure to ask the people you know if they can recommend a reputable locksmith.

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